• History of the Department
  • Faculty Profile
  • Vission and Mission
  • Teaching Learning Process
  • PO/CO and Syllabus
  • Academic Plan
  • Seminar/Webinar/Workshops Organised
  • Photo Gallery


History of the Department:

The Department of English was established in 2007 with English General along with some other major disciplines of Arts and the very next year, 2008, English Honours curriculum started. Since then, the Department has been travelling along the path of sincere commitment to its learners. It has grown, developed and evolved itself with an objective of imparting quality education to the students and doing its bit to add to the prestige of the College.

The Department of English is endowed with an adequately competent faculty, and all its members work with untiring zeal to meet the requirements of the curriculum. Both Honours and General courses in English are offered and the Department follows the syllabi of the Calcutta University.

The forte of the Department of English is its sincere commitment to all the academic assignments that come its way. Currently the teaching faculty comprises 2 Assistant Professors and 3 State Aided College Teachers.

Vision and Mission:

• The department of English is one of the oldest departments of Sagar Mahavidyalaya and is considered to be one of the best departments.

• The department follows the undergraduate CBCS syllabus prescribed by Calcutta University, the University this college is affiliated to. This syllabus has been designed meticulously to provide students with a strong foundation in English literature and language. It includes a wide range of texts, authors, literary trends and movements, differing schools of theories so that the students can further study and do research in the subject.

• The syllabi include interesting topics to make the study of literature engaging and exciting. It always challenges the students to do something new and they are encouraged to participate in the teaching learning process to develop their analytical and creative skills.

• Since this college is situated in a cyclone-prone island, completely detached from the main land by a flat river, English language here is always a treated as a threat in the eyes of the students. This syllabus is so well organised that in the very first semester it makes sure that the students battles this fear with confidence. Then in the remaining semesters students are encouraged to sustain the confidence with ease.

• The Department tries to maintain a good rapport with its students and the teachers are always available for any counseling that the students need even beyond the stipulated schedule of class hours. Frequent parent-teachers meets are held in the department to keep the guardians aware of the progress of their wards.


Teaching Learning Process:

To maintain and enhance an effective ambience of teaching-learning the department abides by an efficient system of evaluation which works through frequent class tests, classroom quizzes and students’ seminars. A rich collection of important texts and reference volumes in the departmental library adds to this environment of serious pursuit.

The Department also provides various other modes of exposure and opportunities of additional learning to students for their holistic development and greater intellectual enhancement. Sometimes, the Department organizes special Lectures by eminent scholars from the state and abroad.


Seminar/Webinar/Workshops Organised:

• The Department has organised a Special Lecture on the topic “How to Appreciate literature: Discussing Drama, Poetry and Novel” on 21st january, 2021

• The Department has collaborated with the IQAC and has arranged a One-Day National webinar tiled “Pandemic, Climate Change and Literature” on 2nd September 2020.