• History of the Department
  • Faculty Profile
  • Vission and Mission
  • Teaching Learning Process
  • CO/PO/PSO And Syllabus
  • Academic Plan
  • Seminar/Webinar/Workshops Organised
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History of the Department:

The Department of English was established in 2007 with English General along with some other major disciplines of Arts and the very next year, 2008, English Honours curriculum started. Since then, the Department has been travelling along the path of sincere commitment to its learners. It has grown, developed and evolved itself with an objective of imparting quality education to the students and doing its bit to add to the prestige of the College.

The Department of English is endowed with an adequately competent faculty, and all its members work with untiring zeal to meet the requirements of the curriculum. Both Honours and General courses in English are offered and the Department follows the syllabi of the Calcutta University.

The forte of the Department of English is its sincere commitment to all the academic assignments that come its way. Currently the teaching faculty comprises 2 Assistant Professors and 3 State Aided College Teachers.


The Department of English envisions becoming a beacon of academic excellence, fostering a dynamic learning environment that nurtures critical thinking, effective communication, and a profound appreciation for literature. Committed to inspiring a passion for language and literature, our vision is to cultivate well-rounded individuals equipped with the skills to engage with diverse perspectives, contribute to societal discourse, and adapt to the evolving challenges of a globalized world. Through innovative teaching methods and a dedication to scholarly pursuits, we aspire to empower students to become lifelong learners and influential communicators, making a positive impact on both local and global communities.


• Empowering Communication: Foster effective communication and critical thinking skills to empower students for success in diverse fields.
• Inclusive Academic Community: Cultivate an inclusive and vibrant academic community that values diversity, creativity, and intellectual curiosity.
• Lifelong Learning: Instill a passion for lifelong learning, preparing students to navigate a complex and interconnected world with confidence and insight.