• History of the Department
  • Faculty Profile
  • Vission and Mission
  • Teaching Learning Process
  • CO/PO/PSO And Syllabus
  • Academic Plan
  • Seminar/Webinar/Workshops Organised
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History of Department

Established in the year 1998, the Department of Education runs a three-year undergraduate degree program - Bachelor of Arts in Education. Admission of students to B.A. Edu. program in Sagar Mahavidyalaya is based on Higher Secondary marks. This course is offered after senior secondary (Class XII). It is offered as a bilingual program which integrates pedagogical knowledge with a study of subject knowledge, human development and communication skills. The program enables students to develop knowledge of education and teaching along with the knowledge of chosen subject in humanities. The curriculum is transacted through innovative teaching-learning methods encouraging active participation of the learners in the learning process. Project method, discussions, group tasks and cooperative learning are a regular feature of the teaching- learning process apart from lectures and written assignments. The teaching learning methods incorporate an inquiry approach.

Teaching learning in all subjects provides opportunities to students to explore, question, critically analyze and reflect on the various aspects of 'Education', which the department hopes will trigger a chain of desirable changes in the system.

The faculty members of the department take focused measures to cater to both the academic needs and expectations of the students as well as their emotional well-being. Personal care is provided to the students by way of mentoring and remedial teaching. The department admits differently abled students and makes necessary provisions to cater to their individualized educational needs. The faculty also engage themselves in research and publication.

Vision and Mission

• To impart quality education to all students while ensuring equity and access to marginalized social groups.

• To enable students to independent critical thinkers while developing marketable skills sets.

• Ensure holistic development of students to develop them into active and participatory citizens of democratic polity.