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  • Faculty Profile
  • Vission and Mission
  • Teaching Learning Process
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Political Science

About the Department:

The Department of Political Science was established in 1998. Currently, the department is offering Political Science as a subject in B.A. Honors and B.A. General course. The course contents blend traditional concerns with issues of contemporary relevance and reflect the philosophy that local concerns are significant even in this highly globalized world. Developing a complete understanding of the diverse discipline of Political Science which includes theoretical, conceptual and empirical aspects of discipline. The department consists of young and enthusiastic teachers committed towards creating a democratic academic culture. There are four faculty members in the department who are taking care of the teaching and learning activities.The Department has been very active in organizing seminars, lectures and webinars on issues of diverse interests. The participation of the faculty and students on regular basis and discussion makes the department dynamic and vibrant.

Vision and Mission:

The Department of Political Science prepares its student for a wide range of career option by building their intellectual understanding of national and international politics. We aim to give our students quality education so that they can pursue their aim of achieving higher education and research activities. The department seeks to builds set of values and analyzing power among its students which will make them conscious citizens and participate in various service activities and in broader spectrum empower the nation.