Green Campus

The college takes pride of its green and well maintained garden space and its ways of managing the eco system of the college. Sagar Mhavidyalaya believes that young minds can flourish better when they are placed in a clean and green environment. A Green Campus is a place where environmental friendly practices and education system jointly promote sustainable and eco-friendly ambiance in the campus. Green Campus status is achieved by making significant progress in cross campus community collaboration under one or a number of the following themes Energy.

Sagar Mahavidyalaya takes necessary steps to reduce the consumption of energy all the time. Some of the most important policies taken by the college are:
• Activating power management features on the computers and monitor so that it will go into a low power “sleep” mode when you are not working on it.
• Turning off the computers when one leaves the Table.
• Turning off unnecessary lights and use daylight instead.
• Usage of LED or compact fluorescent bulbs as much as possible.
• Encouraging the students to switch off lights, fans in conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls as soon as they leave the rooms.
• Implementing solar system to cut down the heavy usage of electricity

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