Misc. Facility

Parking Space

The institution has fully shaded parking space near the main entry gate for the students’ vehicles to park. A separate shaded parking space for the teachers and other employees is also there besidse the office building.


To minimize the consumption of water Sagar Mahavidyalaya has adopted the following policies.
• Repair sources of water leakage, such as dripping taps and showers as quickly as possible.
• Install appliances which reduce water consumption.
• Encourage use of recycled rainwater and grey water to reduce mains water consumption
• Use an efficient and hygienic water storage mechanism is to minimize the loss of water during storage.


Waste minimization is very important because it makes good business sense to protect the environment and boost environmental performance. Some of the policies taken by this institution to minimize waste generation are following:
• Keep a stack of paper that has been printed on one side and use it for day to day rough paper work
• Use more readout material in soft form. Reduce the hard readout material. Use more of e-mail for officially communicating the information needed, online reading etc.
• Minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides in college grounds, opting for the use of compost produced on site wherever possible.
• Reduce the practice of burning plastic and other materials that emit harmful gas on burning is prevented in the campus.
• Ensure that all cleaning products used by college staff have a minimal detrimental impact on the environment
• Using the gadgets which have multiple functions

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