• Sagar Mahavidyalaya has three buildings to cater to its need of classroom and office space. The main building is three storied. The humanities and social science departments are there with a big classroom cum seminar hall. Each department has its own departmental offices. The other building is called science building. This building is half constructed but it is fully functional. All science departments and some of the other departments are situated here. The last and smallest buliding consists of a functional office space, a room for principal’s office and a common staff room with a guest house.

• The mode of teaching is both conventional chalk and talk method along with digital mode. The Institution has thirty-one fully functional classroom. All the theoretical and practical rooms are well ventilated and have enough number of fans and lights. One classroom which can accommodate more than 100 students has a setup of cordless microphone and speakers. One classroom has been upgraded to smart classroom with desktop computer, PA system with Wi-Fi facility and a high end interactive digital board is supposed to be installed. One meeting room is also equipped with portable projector and screen. There are two ICT enabled classrooms.

• The Institution has a well-equipped laboratory in the Dept. of Geography. Each of the Science (General) departments i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany have laboratories at initial stage.

Dept. of Geography

Department of Geography has a well-equipped laboratory to carry out field work. The department has over 100 topographical maps, a collection of aerial photographs, satellite images, weather maps, atlases and wall maps that are used in teaching.

GIS Lab:

The Department established a Remote Sensing and GIS laboratory for the students so that they can have access to the most updated knowledge of this branch of Geography, which is emerging as a potential area of recruitment. GIS software updated with the curriculum. There have more than ten desktop computers with high speed internet facilities and proper maintenance

The Department has a well-equipped cartographic laboratory with the equipment required to scan maps digitally. The department has built up a computer laboratory with 10 modern desktops with print out and high-speed internet facility. The Department has surveyed instruments, weather instruments, soil kit, GPS instrument, mirror stereoscope, rocks and minerals. Some new equipment has been introduced for the students which will help in analysing the pH and salinity of the soil such as soil pH meter refractometer development and soil beaker.

Dept. of Botany & Zoology (Room no.- S-1.3)

Compound microscope-Olympus magnus model-H.S.A, Simple microscope, 1Litter Beaker,500 ml Beaker,250 ml Beaker,100 ml Beaker, 50 ml Beaker, Glass Rod, Measuring cylinder 500, Measuring cylinder 250 ml, Measuring cylinder100 ml,Conical flask- 500ml,Conical flask 250 ml,Jet funnel 2.5 inch.,Balance.

Dept. of Chemistry (Room no.-S-1.2)

The Institute has a Chemistry laboratory that offers a fume cupboard and several chemicals, glass apparatus, all standard equipment (balances, furnace, optical microscope) and deionized water and distilled water are also available. The laboratory can accommodate 25-30 students.

Balance, Metal Loop Holder,Needle Hi-Media, Reagent bottle-60 ml, Reagent Bottle-250ml, Reagent Bottle-500 ml,Reagent Bottle – 1lit., Spirit Lamp,Test tube Rack,4-way glass point, Test tube holder, Fusion tube,Test tube, Burner (L.P.G), Funnel-3inch, Beaker-250 ml,Conical Flask-250 ml,Platinum Loop, 25 Graduated pipet,10 ml Graduated pipet,Pipet pump-10 ml,Pipet pump -25 ml,Pipet stand,Burette, Measuring cylinder-10 ml.

Dept. of Physics (Room no. S-1.1)

Carry foster’s board,Voltmeter,Ammeter,Regulated power supply,(0-10) volt power supply,Stander power supply,Connecting wire,Galvanometer,Resistance box,Carbon resistance,Bar magnet,Vibration magnetometer,magnetometer board,Stop watch,Convex & concave lenses,Mirror,Stand for auxiliary method,LED box,OP-AMP kit,OP- AMP’S IC & connecting wire,Power supply carbon resistors,Logic gate circuit board,Logic gate IC’s, Connecting wire,External voltmeter,External ammeter,Transistor,Ac power supplyCapacitor,Zener diode.

• The Institution has a Computer Room with 10 desktop computers with LAN facilities and 1 printer. This Computer Room is used as a laboratory for Geography Department also.

• The Institution has one Central Library which has a varied collection of books and some academic journals. It has 1 desktop computer with internet facility and 1 multifunctionalscanner, printer& copierfor staff. It provides reading as well as lending services to its users (both staff and students). It also has a reading room for the students with a capacity of 25 students at a time.There are some desktop computers in the Central Library reading room for students use. Most of the departments have departmental libraries also.

• The Institution has one Seminar Hall well equipped with microphone, speakers, projector and a capacity of around 300 seats.

• There is 1 desktop computer with internet facility for the use of teaching staff. • TheinstitutionhasaGirls’CommonRoom. • TheInstitutionhas1Gymnasiumwithessentialequipmentand there is a large playgroundof Sagar Panchayat Samity, just in front of the Institution, which is used by the Institution on regular basis for students’ practice, annual sports and as and when required.

• The Institution has a 30 KVA generator for uninterrupted power supply during electrical failure.

• Each floor of the Institution is installed with fire safety devices, especially in the Laboratories which are high-risk area.

• Initiative taken by the Institution for rainwater harvesting plant.

• The Institution has signed MoU with WEBEL to open a computer training centre to provide basic level computer training to the students at a subsidized rate which is very useful to them.

• The Institution has sent a letter to the Sabhapati, Sagar Panchayat Samity as a result of which, students of the College can travel with a concession rate in public transport.

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