Governing Body

The Governing Body of a college is the most integral part of the administration. In our college the GB always plays a positive and important role in the major decision making process, whenever needed. The overall administrative environment and financial matters are supervised by the very equipped Governing Body of the college. The Teacher-in-Charge, on the other hand, remains in charge of the everyday functions and decision. The assistance of the teaching and non-teaching staffs is always sought in this regard. Both the Governing Body and the head of the institute work in collaboration with each other and complement each other perfectly.   The Governing Body of the college is a democratically elected body where every entity of the college gets representation. It consists of
  1. President
  2. Principal (Secretary)
  3. Govt. Nominee- 02
  4. University Nominee- 02
  5. Teachers’ Representative- 03
  6. Non-teaching Staff Representative- 01
  7. Students’ Representative- 01

College Governing Body

Sl. No. Name


1 Mr. Bankim Chandra Hazra President
2 Dr. Surajit Bari Principal, Secretary
3 Mr. Madhusudhan Ghorai Council Representative
4 Mr. Sandip Kumar Patra State Govt. Representative
5 Dr. Diptendu Chatterjee University Representative
6 Dr. Papia Ganguly University Representative
7 Mr. Hafijul Haque Teachers' Representative
8 Mr. Avishek Mistry Teachers' Representative
9 Mr. Aminul Haque Mistry Teachers' Representative
10 Mr. Satyajit Rana Non-Teaching Representative

Notice Board