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The Department of History, Sagar Mahavidyalaya established in the year 1998, Under the University of Calcutta.The department journey has been started in the nibs of huge demand of the local people as a remote and isolated area.The department of History began its journey with small number of students having a dream in eyes to become a centre of excellence.Presently it is one of the biggest department of Sagar Mahavidyalaya. The department provides B.A Honours and general degree programs.The department has developed a departmental library where the students have access to most updated knowledge of this branch.The department always encouraged the students new creativity with the framework of academic freedom and diversity of knowledge.The department always tries to motivate it's students for higher studies,so that they can make us proud by establishing themselves in the society. Apart from taking regular classes, the department organises regular tutorial and remidial classes for the betterment of weaker students, along with problem solving classes for the advance learner's.The department conducts class tests at regular intervals to maintain its academic standards. Lastly most important thing is that the department maintains a healthy familiar relationship with the students.

  • Mr. Prabir Kumar Khatua

    Assistant Professor & Teacher-in-Charge

  • Mr. Hafijul Haque

    Assistant Professor & HOD

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  • Mr. Debananda Kala

    State Aided College Teacher

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  • Mr. Bibhas Chandra Bera

    State Aided College Teacher

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  • Mr. Uttam Pradhan

    State Aided College Teacher

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  • Mr. Indranil Mondal

    State Aided College Teacher

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Vission and Mission:

The department of History, Sagar Mahavidyalaya aims to make the students aware of the past and it’s legacies through teaching and extension activities in the Indian history in the context of world history. Department believe that only a critical thinking and understanding of the past will enable the students to understand the present and help them look towards the ideal and responsible future citizens for the healthy democracy of the country.

Transform the students into citizens who are critically informed about the past and it’s consequences for the present. The mission of the department is the holistic development of the society as well as country, along with ethical,moral, cultural and social values. Empowering of women’s, gender equality, freedom of knowledge and expression and improving democratic values of the students from diverse socio-economic background and communities. To provide special attention to the students of poor socio-economic background. To develop a commitment to the preservation of environment with a goal towards sustainable development.