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  • Faculty Profile
  • Vission and Mission
  • Teaching Learning Process
  • PO/CO and Syllabus
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Department Introduction:-

Department of Chemistry started its journey in the year 2015, dated 17th August .B.Sc has introduced. The department has left its mark on teaching in the form of producing some brilliant students. The department has well equipped laboratory.



Curriculum is based on the syllabi framed by the University of Calcutta.

  • Mr. Partha Sarathi Das

    State Aided College Teacher & HOD

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The vision Department of Chemistry at SagarMahavidyalaya is to provide,maintain and mature holistic and quality education for students from walks of life so that they can acquire knowledge , employable skills and grow as responsible global citizens of the future.



 Ensuring competence and provoking excellence and brilliance.

 Stimulating critical creative thinking.

 Promoting multi disciplinary research and publication.

 Upholding honesty,traparency and accountability.

 Developing organizational and leadership skills.

 Respecting dignity of others and practicing compassion and concern.

 Striving for social justice,harmony and solidarity

 Strategizing to protect the natural environment.