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In view of lively rural surroundings and rich diversity in plants, there has been a candid demand for opening Botany department in Sagar Mahavivyalaya and therefore in 17th August,2015(academic session of 2015-16) formally the Departments of Botany was opened. Since then the department of Botany has been enrolled for only general stream of course.The department has left its mark on teaching in the form of producing some brilliant students.The department has well equipped laboratory room, high speed internet facility and helpful teachers.Aside from that the department actively involved in organizing special lecture,field study,short visit to some medicinal garden for collecting adequate knowledge.


In order to fulfil scientific need and to increase the horizon of Botanical science of rural students, studies in Classical Botany deal with plant behavior, morphology, physiology, embryology, ecology, genetics, systematic etc. and provide solutions to agricultural, horticultural and environmental problems, for crop improvement, organic farming and natural resource management. By the study of the fundamental details of plants, students can understand growth and development, reproduction, life cycle, medicinal values and economic importance of food resources.



Curriculum is based on the syllabi framed by The University of Calcutta.

  • Mr. Niladri Sekhar Tripathi

    State Aided College Teacher & HOD

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To create and disseminate knowledge, provide unique experience to the students and serve for betterment of mankind .



In a peaceful place the Sagar Mahavidyalaya and the ambience of its campus is committed to pursuit of following objectives.

 Creating the most vibrant knowledge pool in the campus.

 Providing comparable and competitive facilities.

 Trying to achieve excellence in all fields of the college activity.