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  • Faculty Profile
  • Vission and Mission
  • Teaching Learning Process
  • PO/CO and Syllabus
  • Academic Plan
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History of the Department:

Sanskrit is an ancient and classical language and also the mother language of most provincial Indian langueges. Numerous incomparable literary resources available for studying the language make it a rich storehouse for learning about the culture, religion and traditions of ancient India. The General Degree course in Sanskrit commenced form the session 2009 – 2010 and the Honours course in Sanskrit began from the session 2015 –2016 in Sagar Mahavidyalaya. The department is enriched by its association with meritorious students every year, many of whom go on to pursue higher degrees in Sanskrit form the University of Culcutta as well as other reputed Universities.
The department has four State Aided College Teachers. Moumita Mishra Bhattacharya is the Head of the Department.

  • Mrs. Moumita Mishra

    State Aided College Teacher & HOD

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  • Mrs. Lipika Debnath

    State Aided College Teacher

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  • Mr. Piklu Bera

    State Aided College Teacher

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  • Mrs. Anima Maity

    State Aided College Teacher

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To Provide Unlimited invaluable knowledge of ancient Indian heritage. To educate the scholars to be good citizens. To focus the interdisciplinary areas of Sanskrit and Vedas. To encourage the students to lead a successful and fearless life.



The mission of Sanskrit literature is one of humanism, of unity, of mankind, of values, of peace and mutual understanding and of harmonious development of the individual and the society. Hence the mission of our Department is the same one.

Teaching Learning Process:

Quiz : 6 th semester Honours,
Topic : Indian Philosophy Date : 07/04/2022.


Programme Outcome:(PO)

Sanskrit is a very rich language of IE language group. Sanskrit is a medium to know about ancient Indian history, religion, social life through its text. The academic programme of both Honours and General degree courses are designed not only Professional skill but also develop a deep understanding of rich heritage and dynamic prevalent scenario of India through various Sanskrit texts.

PO 1. Develop a strong concept of ancient Indian history, philosophy and literature.

PO 2. Enhance communication skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.

PO 3. Students will gain knowledge of the major traditions of literatures written in Sanskrit. PO
PO. 4. To make them eligible for higher education.

PO 5.Prepare students for the profession of teacher, WBCS, UPSC etc.



Course Outcome:(CO)

Upon completion of this course students will have following opportunities and skills.

CO 1. Students will be able to know ancient Indian history of literature and literary criticism.

CO 2. They will learn about the Indian philosophy, Religion and culture in Sanskrit tradition.

CO 3. Through Gita they also develop their personality.

CO 4. They will also know Nation and Nationalism through Sanskrit literature.

CO 5. Students would know about the Vedic mantras, their application, Vedic grammar, socio- cultural life.

CO 6. Grammar is very important part of this language to make a sentence, to know appropriate meaning of texts, oral communication and perfection Grammaris the only way to know this language well.

CO 7. Ayurveda will help them to know the medical tradition.

CO 8. The students will take the knowledge about of Indian philosophy, philosophers and their thoughts. They could relate the philosophical theory in practical life.

Seminar/Webinar/Workshops Organised:



Date : 28/09/2020.

Time : 11:00am – 1:00pm.