• History of the Department
  • Faculty Profile
  • Vission and Mission
  • Teaching Learning Process
  • CO/PO/PSO And Syllabus
  • Academic Plan
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The education scenario of the world is rapidly changing in keeping with modern trends. To keep pace with the needs, the Department of Bengali, Sagar Mahavidyalaya, is trying to encourage the students to think about social, religious and cultural problems cropping up in society and come up with creative solutions which must be ably supplemented with true educational progress. We also motivate them to nurture and promote innovation in thinking that will increase their creativity. We cater that education by which character is formed, the strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one's own feet. So the Department not only imparts knowledge in a congenial environment that encompasses the prescribed syllabi but that of the world beyond the classroom which will prepare our students to become productive and goodcitizens of tomorrow.

Vision and Mission:

To establish a strong base of literature studies along with equipping the students with a practical linguistic knowledge of Bengali language with a view to create a job oriented pool of students. The department aims to create a flowerbed for the students where they seamlessly graduate from first generation learners/college goers to aficionados of literary studies. The department seeks to expose the students to a larger and more competitive environment by making the students engage in inter college and intra departmental seminars, conferences and other forms of academic encounters. Ultimately, the department could grow into an autonomous unit with its own Masters’ programme with a valid research agenda with sufficient government and non-government funding in the next five years.