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History of the Department:

Zoology deals with the study of animal kingdom specially the structural diversity, biology, embyology, evolution, habits & distribution of animals both living & extinct. As it covers a fascinating range of topic, the modern zoologists need to have insight into many disciplines.
The learning outcomes based curriculum framework for a B.Sc. degree in zoology is designed to cater to the needs of students in view of the evolving nature of animal science as a subject.
The curriculum has benn designed in such a way that the students are exposed to modern tools & techniques in life science. More emphasis has been given to content related to environment, sustainability, skills acquisition & entrepreneurship.
The curriculum teaching pedagogy & assessment methods are assigned with appropriate cognitive levels as per bloom's taxonomy. The objective based evalution(OBE) methods will pave way for the assessment of cognitive levels of the students & evaluated the expected course outcome attainment.
The ZOOLOGY DEPARTMENT of the science course was started in 17.08.2015 at SAGAR MAHAVIDYALAYA.
From the beginning, success can be seen in giving lessons to eight(8) students with one GUEST TEACHER/LECTURER. Now the number of students is about fifty (50) in the zoology department.
That guest teacher/lecturer is still the head of the department(H.O.D.) of zoology.

  • Mr. Debaprasad Khanra

    State Aided College Teacher & HOD

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Vision and Mission

VISSION:- The department promote the discovery broad knowledge about the biology of animals, evolution & Their environments. The holistic development of the student & make them able to contribute effectively for their welfare & society in this dynamic era.
To the one of the excellent department in the state for zoology learning, teaching & research.Achieve excellence through teaching & research.

MISSION:- 1)Our mission is to offer high quality education dedicated to building minds with social & moral responsibility.

2)To develop the student to appreciate nature.
3)To promote leaders in the field of life science.
4)To develop the attitude of the students to concentrate on applied science aspects.
5)To impart knowledge and skills in zoological science.