General Rules & Regulations

Students are required to maintain regular attendance as per Calcutta University regulations.
Attendance of 75% and above is required to qualify as a collegiate student.
Attendance of 60% and above but less than 75% will make a student non-collegiate.
Attendance below 60% not eligible to be sent up or promoted (dis-collegiate).
In normal time Classes are held from 10-15 am. to 4-15 p.rn. (Monday to Friday) and 10-30 a.m. to 2-15 pm. only Saturday.
Students who are absent for more than 7 Consecutive days without prior permission or medical ground (Submission of Medical certificate is compulsory) are liable to have their names struck off the register.
Students of Geography Hons who do not attend theoretical Classes regularly shall not be permitted to attend practical classes.
Students are liable to be expelled for misbehaviour and/or for adopting unfair means in examinations.
Students must pass the college examinations for promotion and being sent up for University Examinations. Also class Tests are Compulsory for all students.
Students must carry their college Identity card in the college campus at all times and produce the same if the college authority so demands.
A student failing to clear the fees within the notified date will have to pay the fees with fine Rs. 5 per month.
Students are expected to treat the members of the staff and their fellow students with courtesy both in and outside of the college. There must be no disorderly or offensive conduct at anytime.
Students must take their seats at the beginning of each period and they must not enter or leave the class room without permission.
College property, furniture, library books, etc. must be treated with due care.
Impersonation at roll-call is a punishable offence.
Students are required to check the Notice Board regularly for important announcements.
Students are expected to be formally and decently dressed while in the college.
The Department of Geography organises Excursions/Compulsory Educational Field Tour as a part of the curriculum. The tour involves expenses on the part of the students which they should be ready to bear. The other department also Organise Educational tour in each year.
Caution money must be withdrawn as refund from 1st August to 30th September of the year of the final examination concerned to avoid forfeiture.
Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the college authorities by urging their wards to be regular in attendance, taking care that their wards appear at all the college examinations and paying the college due in time.
The college may change or modify the existing college regulations or may impose new regulations as and when considered necessary.
Guardians are requested to be present at the Parents-Teacher meeting at the college.

Notice Board