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The institution has all the necessary first-aid kit for giving immediate first-Aid treatment to sick and needy students and faculty members. The students with serious illness are immediately taken to any of the nearby hospitals and parents are informed immediately.


The students have the facility of indoor games like Carom, Chess. The college is fortunate to have a share in the large ground of sports complex in front of the college building. The college regularly participates in various outdoor Sports, such as football, cricket and athletics. The Annual college sports are regularly held during winter. The students’ Union of the college plays a major constructive role in arranging the various games and other sporting activities.


Students of Sagar Mahavidyalaya are associated with the National cadet corp from 2002 and Girls wing from 2007 (33 Bengal Bn NCC). Since then students of this college have been participating in the various activities, including national and state level programmes, such as Republic Day Parade (Delhi & Kolkata), summer training camps, mountaineering camps, NIC, Trekking, Annual Training Camps even temporary volunteers for Durga Puja and Sagar Mela. After the completion of the training programmes, the enrolled cadets ca\n appear in the ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate examinations which are annually held. NCC cadets get preference in various services and fields.


A host of social and cultural activities mark the college calendar. The students’ Union actively helps the college authority in arranging cultural programme, inter-class debate, Quiz, cultural and literary competitions. All these activities aim at developing a sense of brotherhood among students of the college and to make them good citizens. The college Magazine “ANKUR” is published annually and wall magazine is published occasionally by the Students’ Union. Also many departments have published wall magazines separately. The Dept. of Bengali arrange a beautiful programme on Rabindranath & Nazrul and publish Bengali Departmental Magazine “PRATYUS”.


Excursions and Field Trips:

Various departments (especially Geography and education departments) conduct field survey every year as a part of partial fulfilment of the Honours course according to the syllabus. The field survey, which is a compulsory paper for all students, they collect the data through a survey that covers physical aspects and socio economic aspects. After field, writing a field survey report based on field data according the university guideline. For practical exposure to conducting the field survey, students are taken to a rural or urban area for a few days and guided by faculties. In the past few years, the students have conducted field survey on the following areas:

• Chandipur, Sagar, West Bengal (2016) • Gantok, Sikkim (2017) • Ghatshila, Jharkhand (2018) • Alipurduar, West Bengal (2019) • Kalimpong, West Bengal (2020)


Calcutta University has approved one NSS Unit in Sagar Mahavidyalaya in 2008. The aim is to include the rural youth in constructive and developmental programmes in the rural sector, participation in the socio-economic life of the community, fostering national integration and such other work.

• In 2016, our NSS volunteers took a great role to serve the pilgrims at Gangasagar Mela and get a special accolade and fund from the University of Calcutta. • In 2019, 2020 and 2021 during Bulbul, Yaas and Amphan cyclones respectively the NSS of this college had volunteered and had put up relief camps in affected areas. • NSS did an outreach programme for the underdeveloped LODHA community of the local area in 2021.


The Institution updates its IT infrastructure facilities with time and need. There is mega broadband in college office, Principal’s room, Library, Dept. of Geography and Dept. of Education. Upgradation is carried out from time to time on a regular basis with the introduction of software upgradation and new technology. Anti-virus software is updated regularly for all the computers.The college website is maintained by Infonetics, Kolkata. The Institution has 25 desktop computers, 6 laptop computers, 5 multi functional scanner, printer& copier, 3 printers, 3 projectors, 1 video camera with tripod, 2 smart boards. The College campus is also Wi-Fi enabled for official and academic purpose.

Number of classrooms and seminar halls with ICT facilities Number of classrooms with LCD facilities: 4 Number of classrooms with Wi-Fi/LAN facilities: 2 Number of smart classrooms: 1 Number of seminar halls with ICT facilities: 1
Room number or Name of classrooms/ Seminar Hall with LCD/ Wi-Fi/ LAN facilities with room numbers
Type of ICT facility

OTHERS (Gym. Canteen, Playground, Parking, Green Campus)


Gymnasium/Fitness Centre: The Institution also has a fully equipped Gymnasium/Fitness Centre with thefollowing equipment: 6 Station multipurpose machine, 1 manual Treadmill, 1 Leg extension/ Leg curt machine, 1 Abdomen crunch machine, 1 manual Bench press machine with a bench, 1 Preacher curl machine, 3 Exercise bench, 2 Dumbbell racks, 13 Rods of different lengths, 13 pairs Dumbbell plates of different weights, 4 Exercise mats, 1 Side twister, and 2 Swiss balls for exercise.


Parking Space The institution has fully shaded parking space near the main entry gate for the students’ vehicles to park. A separate shaded parking space for the teachers and other employees is also there besidse the office building.


Green Campus The college takes pride of its green and well maintained garden space and its ways of managing the eco system of the college. Sagar Mhavidyalaya believes that young minds can flourish better when they are placed in a clean and green environment. A Green Campus is a place where environmental friendly practices and education system jointly promote sustainable and eco-friendly ambiance in the campus. Green Campus status is achieved by making significant progress in cross campus community collaboration under one or a number of the following themes:

Energy- Sagar Mahavidyalaya takes necessary steps to reduce the consumption of energy all the time. Some of the most important policies taken by the college are: • Activating power management features on the computers and monitor so that it will go into a low power “sleep” mode when you are not working on it. • Turning off the computers when one leaves the Table • Turning off unnecessary lights and use daylight instead. • Usage of LED or compact fluorescent bulbs as much as possible • Encouraging the students to switch off lights, fans in conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls as soon as they leave the rooms. • Implementing solar system to cut down the heavy usage of electricity Water- To minimize the consumption of water Sagar Mahavidyalaya has adopted the following policies. • Repair sources of water leakage, such as dripping taps and showers as quickly as possible. • Install appliances which reduce water consumption. • Encourage use of recycled rainwater and grey water to reduce mains water consumption • Use an efficient and hygienic water storage mechanism is to minimize the loss of water during storage. Waste- Waste minimization is very important because it makes good business sense to protect the environment and boost environmental performance. Some of the policies taken by this institution to minimize waste generation are following: • Keep a stack of paper that has been printed on one side and use it for day to day rough paper work • Use more readout material in soft form. Reduce the hard readout material. Use more of e-mail for officially communicating the information needed, online reading etc. • Minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides in college grounds, opting for the use of compost produced on site wherever possible. • Reduce the practice of burning plastic and other materials that emit harmful gas on burning is prevented in the campus. • Ensure that all cleaning products used by college staff have a minimal detrimental impact on the environment • Using the gadgets which have multiple functions
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