IQAC Committee Members

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been established in the college strictly following the guidelines provided by the UGC. The IQAC of Sagar Mahavidyalaya takes measures to improve the all round development of the quality of the institution. It also monitors all NAAC appraisal related works. The primary task of the IQAC is to look after the overall performance of the college, be it teaching-learning or administrative and research work.

Sl. No. Name


1 Mr. Prabir Kumar Khatua Chairperson
2 Dr. Shivdayal Chaudhari Co-ordinator
3 Mr. Hafijul Haque Teachers’ Representative
4 Mr. Avishek Mistry Teachers’ Representative
5 Mr. Aminul Haque Mistry Teachers’ Representative
6 Mr. Pabitra Biswas Teachers’ Representative
7 Ms. Asrin Khatun Teachers' Representative
8 Ms. Priyanka Karjee Teachers' Representative
9 Ms. Susmita Dey Teachers' Representative
1Q Mr. Pradip Bhattacharyya Representative from Administrative Officers
11 Mr. Madhusudhan Ghorai Representative from Governing Body
12 Mr. Sukhamay Mahapatra Representative from Local Society
13 Mr. Sandip Kumar Patra Representative from Alumni
14 Mr. Amal Das Representative from Students


• The IQAC is responsible and entitled to look after the holistic development of quality culture in the institution.
• It makes sure that every students are getting quality education in their respective departments. For that the IQAC has introduced the idea of organising departmental class tests and quizes. After completion of each semester the committee takes reports from the department HoDs about the progress of the teaching learming process.
• The IQAC takes feedback and manages all the feedback reports that are taken annually or bi anually. The feedbacks are taken from the students as well as from the teachers and other non teaching employees.
• The IQAC of this college always encourage the teachers and students to engage in research activities. IQAC always collaborates with the departments for organising seminars, webinars and special talks. IQAC also ocasionally organisises workshops and programmes to promote and discuss about different awareness issues.
• The NAAC SSR committee works under the IQAC.


• to introduce and organise some faculty development programmes and faculty enrichment programmes in the future.
• To arrange student induction programmes (SIP)
• To give internship to students and arrange skill training and development programmes
• To start a research journal
• To create a flowchart for every year and further systemize the teaching learning process.

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